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The opulent composition of “Sultan’s Elysium Oud” pays homage to the eternal charm of Dior’s “Oud Ispahan” through layers upon layers of luxury. The rich embrace of velvety oud that greets the smell sets the tone for an enthralling aromatic adventure. A stunning symphony of aromas is created when the smoky and resinous qualities of real agarwood blend beautifully with delicate floral notes reminiscent of Persian flowers. Deepness and sophistication are added by the fragrance’s lingering base of sensual musk, which emerges as it develops. This original piece offers a captivating and timeless representation of oriental beauty while capturing the complexity and richness of its source. “Sultan’s Elysium Oud” invites you to enter a realm of elegance and refinement where each note narrates a tale of timeless refinement.




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